Franchise Marketing Systems is a franchise development and consulting firm founded in 2009 and today supports over 30 different brands in franchise growth through 18 franchise associates and personnel around the United States and Canada. Christopher Conner founded the franchise consulting firm with the vision to support entrepreneurs in achieving scaled growth through franchise expansion. As part of this mission to support successful duplication of businesses through franchising and supporting small business growth, Franchise Marketing Systems takes on a yearly challenge to find charities which support honorable missions and provide support to people in need around the world. Effective entrepreneurialism and commerce requires a commitment to supporting the people who need help from those who have the opportunity to provide it.

Franchise Marketing Systems Donates and Supports the Following Charities:

Operation Blessingwww.ob.org

Non-profit organization providing support and help to people in need in the U.S. and globally. Has provided direct support to over39 countries with a focus on health, hunger, medical care, child safety and other items relevant to community development. Operation Blessing focuses on not only direct support and relief, but also education and knowledge development in local markets to support sustainable change.

The Operation Blessing charity has been in operation since 1978 and impacted the lives of over 260 million people and delivered over $3.6 billion in support to those people in need.

Yad Ezrawww.yadezra.org

non-profit organization based in Southwestern Michigan with a focus on feeding needy families. The organization has delivered over 1.1 million pounds annually of groceries to needy families. Groceries are distributed to over 1,300 families each month in addition to health and medical care supplies in addition to general life needs for the families in need.

Competitive Edge Sports – non-profit wheelchair basketball league providing opportunities and support to veterans, individuals and athletes with disabilities. The leagues create sporting and competitive environments which are supportive and specifically focused on wheelchair bound athletes. The league has been in operation since 2015 and has provided incredible opportunities to disabled Americans through sports and basketball since the charity’s founding.

Should you be interested in being part of any of these charities, Franchise Marketing Systems will not accept donations on any charities behalf, but would be happy to connect you directly with the leadership of the particular of charity you are interested in.

If you are a charity looking for support and potential contributions, please send an email to Franchise Marketing Systems at
[email protected]

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