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Trends come and go but style is timeless. We’ve rounded up some frames that will stand the test of time and help you express your true self through your eyeglasses.

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Express yourself and live your best life. Feel confident in your personal style with these eyeglasses.

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Diabetes Awareness Month: How Diabetes Can Affect Your Eyes

November is Diabetes Awareness Month, and for many, this means taking the time to understand diabetes and how it affects the human body, as well as learning how to to identify and treat diabetes before it can significantly impact your health and day-to-day function. Today, one in three Canadians have either diabetes or prediabetes, and […]

Partner With Hakim Optical For All Your Employee Prescription Safety Glasses Needs

If your job requires you to wear safety glasses on a daily basis, you know the benefits of protective eyewear. But did you know you can buy prescription safety glasses designed to match the protective demands your job requires? At Hakim Optical, we take pride in helping both individuals and companies find affordable and quality […]

What To Know About Light Adaptive Lenses

Fall is finally here; cool weather has greeted us with shorter days, beautiful autumn colours, and gorgeous early sunsets. Even though the sun isn’t up as long, and doesn’t feel as hot, optometrists everywhere will tell you that sunglasses are still essential. Instead of wearing traditional sunglasses this fall, you may be interested in a […]

Benefits of Prescription Safety Glasses

Millions of Canadians have careers that require them to work in potentially dangerous conditions, meaning they most likely need eye protection. If you’re one of these Canadians, whether you work in construction, cleaning, science, mechanics, or one of the countless professions that require PPE, it’s important that you are safe and comfortable on the job. […]

2021 Fall Style Guide

Summer has quickly come to an end! But never fear, Autumn is here! With it comes cool days, beautiful changing leaves, and incredible fall foods. At Hakim Optical, our favourite thing about autumn is the new fall fashion, and we believe that you deserve a pair of glasses to match your cardigans, toques, and boots! […]

If You Love Playing Sports, Be Sure To Choose the Right Sunglasses

It’s important to choose the right sunglasses and lenses when participating in outdoor sports. Tints, mirror coatings, polarized, and anti-reflective coatings can help you play better and protect your vision.